Is Senior Living Right for You?

People choose senior living for several reasons. They’re seeking more engagement in life. Chores have become more arduous. They have more health needs than they once did. Their families are worried about them living on their own.

Although the decision to transition to the senior living lifestyle can be a difficult one, it offers the opportunity to try new activities and be surrounded by an engaging group of friends.

Here are things to consider when deciding if moving to a senior living community is right for you:

Nutrition– I’m sure you do your best to get nutritious meals made for yourself daily, but it can be a struggle to maintain a consistent healthy meal plan. Especially when you are only cooking for one or two. Taking advantage of a chef prepared menu every day can manage this important piece of maintaining good health as you age.

Home Maintenance– Has mowing, snow removal, leaf blowing and the odd and end ‘needs fixing’ become more than just a chore? As we age, we simply can no longer handle the physical exertion it takes to complete some of the above tasks. Although moving to a senior living community limits having a little slice of yard to yourself, it does still allow you the opportunity to utilize lots of greenspace. So, get your bird feeders out, your favorite porch chair, and decorate your apartment home as you wish. You still have your own space, it’s just without the headache of maintaining it.

Stay Active- The old adage says, “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. So, if you are alone at home with limited ability to get to exercise classes or take walks, you are likely not staying as active as you should to reduce chances of falls or future mobility limitations.
Most senior living communities offer daily (sometimes multiple times per day) fitness classes right in your building. No need to drive or go out in to the elements to participate. Simply walk down the hall. Classes often incorporate cardio, strength training, yoga and more. All of this helps an aging adult be more agile and improve balance which overall increases life expectancy. It’s a no brainer!

Friendships- Speaking of being a no brainer…If you are living alone and have limited ability to engage with friends like you used to, your quality of life is not as it could be! Making a move to a senior living community offers you the options to make new friendships and engagement in enjoyable activities daily.

Safety & Worry- If you are reading this article, my guess is your family has already expressed their worry about you staying in your home alone. Or you are an adult child reading this because you are concerned. Senior living communities are a great compromise between continuing to offer an aging adult their independence in their own handicap accessible apartment home while continuing to make their own choices and residing in a communal setting that offers 24-hour staff and peace of mind the resident can access assistance at the drop of a hat. That itself can offer improved safety and lessen worry.


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