How Senior Living Communities are Helping Couples Stay Together

You’ve celebrated so many milestones together; the birth of your children, careers, life adventures, retirement, and the birth of grandchildren. You know what the other likes and dislikes and can often finish her sentences. Then one day something changes: She was diagnosed with dementia and slowly has begun to require 24-hour care. Other than struggling to provide the 24-hour care, you’re still in good health.

You could never imagine living separately from your spouse but living together is becoming increasingly challenging. Deteriorating health conditions such as stroke or dementia can lead to safety concerns, and you know it’s important to seek outside intervention. Now what?

Many are moving to a continuing care retirement community so that their different needs are being met and allowing them to stay together.  CCRC’s offer independent and assisted living apartment homes with the ability to add clinical services and they have specialized memory care communities and skilled nursing facilities integrated in to the campus. This provides the peace of mind the spouse needs that their loved one’s care is being managed by professionals, that they themselves get a reprieve so they don’t burnout, and they still reside under the same roof.

The ability to reside together enjoying meals and activities is an important part of being able to continue your relationship as your healthcare needs change. Transitioning to a continuing care retirement community is often a good option for couples.

If you live in Linn, Benton or Jones counties in Iowa and would like more information on CCRC options near you, call 319-390-8439.

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