10 Reasons to Move to a Senior Living Community

Moving to a senior living community is a major milestone. Often people are on the fence for a while.  We’ve gathered the 10 reasons our residents have decided to move to The Views Senior Living and why it may be the perfect option for you too.

  1. More affordable than you think
    Add the monthly costs of maintaining a house including mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, and home maintenance; then calculate what you’ll save on food, entertainment, vehicle expenses, and fitness memberships. Many aging adults find that the monthly cost of living in an independent or assisted living apartment home is less than it was in their own home.
  2. Social opportunities and activities galore
    If you think life in a senior community means sitting around, think again! You’ll have the freedom to stay as active and as involved as you choose. Our residents always have an option of relaxing in the comfort of their own apartment or getting involved in the social life of the community. Whether you attend social get-togethers, bingo nights, sporting events, art classes, or exercise classes, you’ll find many rewarding and inspiring opportunities to be involved. You may even rekindle an interest in hobbies that you finally have the time to pursue. For intellectual stimulation, theatres, libraries and computer labs are standard resources in our communities.
  3. Convenient access to health care
    You’ll have convenient access to professional medical and nursing staff if and when you need it. Healthcare services can be added at any time. Our communities employ health care professionals and staff members trained in assisting residents with tasks of daily living. Two of our communities offer skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities on campus which makes it easy and convenient to access additional medical services if the need arises.
  4. Safety, emergency support and peace of mind
    Our communities are handicap accessible and offer round-the-clock secure entrances. Emergency call buttons or pull-cords as well as trained personnel are available 24/7 to ensure the safety of our residents. You have peace of mind knowing that in an emergency situation, assistance is close at hand.
  5. No more home maintenance
    No more shoveling snow Iowans! Also consider no more lawn care, painting the fence, updating the shingles, changing the air filters or fixing the water heater — the maintenance list goes on. All of these jobs are taken care of leaving you time to focus on spending time with family or friends and activities you enjoy.
  6. Healthy delicious meals every day
    Our communities offer three chef prepared meals each day included in the monthly fee. Residents don’t have to worry about what to prepare and family members don’t have to be concerned that their loved one isn’t eating well. Our culinary chef and dietary staff ensure that residents have nutritious, freshly prepared meals every day.
  1. Fitness and wellness centers
    With a state of the art therapy and fitness center and daily fitness classes offered, there are no roadblocks in the way of staying active, like bad weather or high monthly fees. You’ll not only enjoy exercise tailored to your needs as an aging adult but you may even meet a few new friends!
  1. Transportation services
    Trips to the mall, grocery shopping and medical appointments are standard offerings within our senior living communities. Additional rides may be easily arranged with advance notice.
  1. Relaxation
    Whether relaxing to you means gardening, reading or shopping with friends, these are part of everyday life at The Views Senior Living Communities.
  1. The perfect time to downsize
    Think of this as your opportunity to downsize. Rather than counting the number of boxes you’ll need, consider distributing heirlooms, mementos and pieces of furniture to your loved ones now, rather than leaving the task to family. It may become a time of giving and reminiscing, that both you and your loved ones will treasure.

If you have been considering whether senior living is a good option, but still have questions, feel free to contact me. I’m happy to walk you through what the lifestyle may offer you and help you determine whether a transition makes sense.

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