Know Your Skilled Medicare Basics

Skilled care, long-term care, nursing home care…. It’s all so confusing to know the difference and how it’s all paid for!

Here are the basics  of skilled Medicare in Iowa that you need to know:

 Skilled Care – Medicare recipients are offered 100 skilled days. Following a 72 hour stay and physicians order the patient may qualify for skilled care where Medicare will pay 100% of the first 20 days of a skilled care stay. This short -term stay is to receive rehabilitation services in a nursing home setting in order for the patient to regain strength and return to wherever they call home. On day 21, Medicare reduces the amount of coverage and only pays a percentage of the daily rate. The remaining balance is often picked up by a secondary insurance. If there is no insurance, it is privately paid by the patient. Skilled services can continue up to the 100 days as long as the patient continues to show progress. If the patients is not progressing they are discharged from skilled care and Medicare stops paying.

 Upon discharge, a patient has a 30 day window where they can return to skilled care and pick up where they left off. Patients who have had 60 well days after a skilled discharge that are re-hospitalized and qualify for skilled care can also access skilled care again and their 100 skilled days start over.

 If you have questions about a skilled stay or would like a tour of one of our skilled care communities, contact me!

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