Smart Downsizing

Older adults are considering downsizing to simplify their lives as well as offer themselves and their family peace of mind. It’s often a decision that is put off due to how daunting the task may seem. As you look at resolutions for the new year whether it be to declutter your home in hopes of reducing fall risks or preparing for a transition to a senior living community to minimize the stress of daily tasks or caregiving, the result can improve an aging adult’s well-being and quality of life.

 Think Long-Term when making decisions to downsize. Your mobility may be great now but if that changes in the future is your living environment manageable? Is there an option to age in place and still enjoy the comforts of home? Planning will help ensure your transition is a success. Only you know if you can spare that extra space or if losing it would be more of a headache than it’s worth!

 Gathering facts and being open to conversation is very important. Not facing making decisions to downsize as you age can cause an overwhelming burden to your children. Older adults who try to downsize on their own can lead to exhaustion and increased risk of falling or other health issues. The family must then step in to help make decisions for the aging adult. Having your affairs in order rather than dump an avalanche on your kids can be a gift as well as save money by not being charged fees to discard unwanted items. Instead dispose of them a little at a time in a manageable way.


Downsizing might not make sense in every situation, but it’s worth a look if simplifying life and having peace of mind appeal to you. Ask an experienced real estate agent to help you determine what your home is worth and show you options for cutting improvement costs. In addition, contact a local senior move specialist who can assist with difficult tasks of liquidating or disposing unwanted items and organizing your new space.

The Views Senior Living partners with these organizations as well for those looking to transition to a senior living community. As a matter of fact you can attend a class on July 13th at 11 am at Mr. Beans Coffee Shop in Marion for a class titled: How to: Downsize Easily- Get Top $- Have a Stress Free Move. Expert speakers will include; Wendy Votroubek, Broker/ licensed realtor in Iowa, VP of Skogman Realty, Angie McClure, Elder Care Expert, The Views Senior Living, and Katie Dostal, CarePro Senior Transition.


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