Overwhelmed with Senior Options?

How do you move forward in to this unknown territory? How do you know moving to a senior living community is the right decision? What questions do you ask? Start by asking the following questions:

How do I know if I need Independent or Assisted Living?

The difference between Independent and Assisted Living are the medical care services you receive. Independent residents typically receive the option to purchase a meal plan and housekeeping services, access to a wellness program, and occasional transportation. Assisted living residents get the same above services but also receive laundry services, 24 hour oversight, and the community is licensed to provide services such as; assistance with medication management, bathing, grooming, dressing and more. Ask if the independent living building is certified to provide assisted living services as well so that your loved one doesn’t have to move again if they need more assistance down the road.


What do I need to know when it comes to pricing?

Many communities require an upfront buy-in fee or a long-term lease. Search for a community that doesn’t charge a buy-in fee and provides a month-to-month lease in the event of an emergency discharge. In addition, an “All Inclusive” community is peace of mind knowing that the monthly rent includes all of the necessary convenience services rather than purchasing a la carte which add cost in addition to your levels of care fees, which are common


When is it the right time?

Only you can make that decision. However, remember the goal of moving an aging adult to a senior community is to:

  • help alleviate the possibility of a major incident that causes them to need an even higher level of care. (nursing home)
  • improve socialization
  • encourage physical and cognitive activity
  • meet unmet needs to make life easier
  • help the aging adult to remain independent for as long as possible

Ultimately the big picture is to improve quality of life and reduce risks of failing health. If you see your loved one failing or not enjoying the every day things we take for granted. That is when you need to consider a transition.

Just remember the senior themselves, as well as the family, are going through an emotional process. Change can be challenging. The keys to success are preparation, a positive attitude, along with patience and understanding.


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